Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Stowe School

      After a lovely coach ride from London to Buckinghamshire, our class arrived at Stowe School. The views driving up to the main building were very beautiful. Stowe School is an independent boarding school (they do have a small amount of students who are day students).

      Stowe School was opened as a school in 1923 by headmaster J.F. Roxburgh; his philosophy was that every boy should know beauty. He instituted both art and architecture programs at the school. Roxburgh began the school with 99 students (all male, most age 13). The school became a co-education institution in 1974 allowing girls for boarding and as day students. The school currently accepts students aged 13-18. A representative from each student's prep school and the student (alone-without their parents) must be interviewed as one of the requirements of admission. The school now has a population of 773 students and recommends that parents apply three years before admission is needed. The school costs £11,000 per term (that's $18,500 a year...whoa!). More information about the school can be found on the Stowe School website:

     After entering the school, we were greeted by the sweetest librarian, Carol Miller. This is a horrible picture of her, but I still wanted to include one that had her in it. The day we visited the school, the term was officially over. The culminating event, the Leaver's Ball (it is for the 18 year old students who are "leaving"), had just been held the weekend before we arrived in the library. Carol gave us a proper British welcome with hot tea, coffee, and yummy biscuits located in the anti-library. The anti-library hold the fiction books for the students due to the constraints of what will fit in the library. We were allowed to carry our refreshments into the library where we gazed in awe at the beautiful room while listening to Carol tell us about her daily life as the Stowe School librarian. 
     When she was finished, she introduced Anna McEvoy to us. Anna is the House Custodian & Research Manager at Stowe. She described in detail the history of the school and the preservation project that restored the library. The Stowe House Preservation Trust funded the project which was completed in 2010. Anna then gave us a tour of the rest of Stowe School before releasing us to enjoy the gardens of Stowe which are owned and operated by the National Trust.

The fireplaces are the original fireplaces. 
You can see the restored ceiling in the mirrors above and in the tops of the pictures below. 
This ceiling contains £20,000 of gold leaf.

The books located on the top shelves
of the library have been
donated to the school since 1923. 

The original bookcases with the caging 
have been restored and are still used today.
This is the circulation desk in the Library.

Could you deal with this view from the window of your school library? I think I could!

This is the view from the back steps of the building.
I zoomed in so you can better see the entry arch.

This is the rear entrance of the school.

Libby the Library Lion signing off...

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