Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Stratford Public Library

     Our class, along with the Shakespeare folks, took a coach to Stratford-Upon-Avon which is located in Warwickshire. We had a pleasant drive to this quaint little city that screams Shakespeare. The Stratford Public Library is a Carnegie library with the olden-style exposed timber. The building (which is original) reminded me of Germany.

     When you go inside the library, your brain gets a little confused. The building has the exposed timber and brick inside and the original windows (pictures below), but everything else (for the most part) looks very up-to-date.

I was really confused when I went into the area that included the dvds and cds. I saw a bunch of signs that were discussing the fees associated with checking out (sounds more like renting to me) the items.
Here is a list of the charges:
Music CD – single CD item £1.00 for one week
Music CD – double CD item £2.00 for one week
Spoken word – single cassette item 50p for three weeks
Spoken word – double cassette item 50p for three weeks
Spoken word – 3 or more cassette item £1.30 for three weeks
Spoken word – single CD item £1.00 for three weeks
Spoken word – double CD or more item £1.50 for three weeks
Spoken word playaway £1.00 for three weeks
DVD and Blu-ray: non-fiction and children’s £1.50 for one week
DVD and Blu-ray: feature £2.75 for one week
I thought this was the strangest thing ever! I have never been exposed to a library system that charges its users to borrow items. After talking to a few people in my class, one person said their library charges for dvds and cds (in Michigan).
The checkout stations looked very high-tech to me. These stations can be used to browse the catalog, check out your books, return your books, or access your account information. I have seen self-service kiosk in the states, but I have not seen this exact machine. 

The children's library had really cute artwork painted on the entrance.

 The window art in the teen area blew me away! Each window was painted to represent one of the four seasons. All of them were so beautiful, I could not pick a favorite.

     Upstairs houses the nonfiction books and the research materials. The machinery upstairs was definitely not as modern as the kiosks found downstairs. You can see evidence of this in the pictures below.

      The website for the library can be accessed here : Stratford Public Library The website seems to be lacking on the technology side also. There were no links to social media on the page either.

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